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Don't Take Your Health For Granted

Health is usually something we take for granted. As long as we have it we don't think about it - we don't place a lot of value on it - at least not the value it is worth. But consider the person with cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, arthritis, etc. They will pay almost anything and go to any length to try to regain their health. That being the case we must each ask ourselves "Are we doing everything we can to maintain the good health God has blessed us with - such that we may live the longest healthiest life possible." And to those who may be ill, there is hope. Life Plus produces a variety of excellent products specifically formulated to maintain maximum health and help provide relief from illness. So do all you can for your health and body - remember you only have one body - take care of it.

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To the people who have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years, it is a sacred place. A place of life. A place of health. Through countless generations, these indigenous peoples of the rainforest have learned many of the health secrets hidden within the dense vegetation, utilizing over eighteen-hundred species of plants for medicinal and health purposes. Life Plus has tapped this ancient wisdom in developing the RainForce product line. Studying with indigenous Amazon healers and integrating this age-old knowledge with the advanced technology and product application expertise that is the hallmark of Life Plus; we developed the RainForce product line. A line of healthful products combining the best of both worlds.

Wonder Gel™ WONDER GEL is a fast acting, pain relieving, deep penetrating gel that is applied topically for the relief of aches and pains of stiff, swollen joints. It is great for the relief of pain caused by overworked muscles and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or bursitis.

TOUCHFIRE HIS DROPS™ Touchfire His Drops for men. Increases sexual desire, vigor, potency and vastly enhances the male sexual experience.

TOUCHFIRE HERS DROPS™ Puts the magic and fire back in your sex life. This all-natural formula helps increase female drive and sensitivity, so that you can enjoy a happier, more exciting natural sex life.

CAT'S CLAW Nature's Miracle Herb

We Have The Strongest Available on the market. Beneficial in the treatment of cancer, Aids, HIV,arthritis, rheumatism, genital herpes and herpes zoster, allergies, ulcers, systemic candidacies, PMS, irregularities of the female cycle, bowel and intestinal disorders .

We have three different formulas of Cat's Claw

CATIMUNE™ Very beneficial for people who have Aids, HIV or cancer. Based on ancient formulas of tribal healers, Catimune combines anti-viral properties of Cat's Claw with six other rainforest herbs. It provides anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties, strengthens the lymphatic system naturally and helps detoxify and purify the body.

CAT'S CLAW FORTE DROPS™ Delivers the strongest concentration of Cat's Claw available in liquid form. These powerful drops help defend against bacterial and viral infections. With four to five times more alkaloids than other Cat's Claw liquids and 10 to 100 times more than most capsules, Cat's Claw Forte provides the strongest formula possible. Health care providers are now using it successfully with their patients in the treatment of many conditions such as arthritis, cancer, AIDS, Crohn's Disease, viral infections, respiratory infections, allergies, herpes, prostrate problems, lupus, Epstein Barr, rheumatism, chronic fatigue syndrome, PMS, diabetes and a variety of stomach and bowel disorders.

CATAGESIC™ Provides the ancient rainforest tribal secrets of improved energy, stamina, endurance and muscle growth as well as the secrets of the rainforest in the treatment of arthritis. It blends Cat's Claw with seven other rainforest herbs to enhance athletic stamina and reduce inflammation. These powerful herbal extracts are used by rainforest tribes to decrease soreness and stiffness, speed recovery from physical exertion, boost metabolism,and aid in muscle development. It is essential for athletes. CataGesic is the first formula ever to contain Chuchuhuasi- a rainforst herb so effective in treating inflammation, that certain ingredients contained in it are being patented by a major U.S. pharmaceutical company for relief of arthritis symptoms. CataGesic also utilizes Suma, a rainforest herb that has propelled the Russian Olympic team to victory.


The Life Plus Commitment to You

Quality is paramount at Life Plus

The Life Plus foundation has evolved with over fifty years of experience in manufacturing "doctor quality" leading edge nutritional supplements.

Our unique product line utilizes only the highest quality materials which are as natural as possible. They are formulated in the most synergistic way to provide optimum nutritional results.

Because our products are manufactured in-house, we can naturally guarantee potency and quality and provide them at economical, realistic, wholesale prices.

Our formulas are pH balanced, hypoallergenic, synergistic and contain no artificial additives. We use only natural and naturally derived manufacturing aids. We do not use preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring or flavoring agents, soy derivatives, corn, salt, or sugar in our formulas.

Even though our method of cold processing is costly and time consuming, this type of processing is the natural choice since heat destroys the activity of many vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients.

The Life Plus nutritional product line is complete, but not complex. Active enzymes, nutritional precursors and phytonutrients are important components of each unique Life Plus formula.

Most Life Plus products are formulated in our proprietary PhytoZyme base which contains phytonutrients and proteolytic enzymes. This assures a broad spectrum base of phytochemical trace nutrients for numerous synergistic co-factors and maximum bio-availability and utilization.

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Vitamin/Nutritional Supplements

The following is an overview of the Life Plus products. You may click on any of the titles to view additional information.

ALKO-MAR™ - Shark Liver oil for immune system support.

BERRY'D TREASURE™ -Premium Good Tasting Plant Derived Colloidal Mineral Liquid In A Rainforest Herbal Base.

CALMAG PLUS™ - 1 to 1 ratio of calcium and magnesium.

CANDY CAL™ - Excellent source of calcium.

CARDIO-CHELEX™ - Vitamin for improving circulation. Poor circulation symptoms include tiredness, high blood pressure, difficult breathing and reduced sex drive.

COLLOIDAL SILVER™ - Universal antibiotic.

COLODYNE™ - Digestive tract cleanser

COMBAT™ - Supports the immune system - fights infections and colds.

CO-Q-10 PLUS™ - Antioxidant - helps provide increased energy.

DIUPLEX™ - Vitamin herbal formula - helps kidneys reduce edema (fluid build up).

EYE FORMULA™ - Eyebright herbal - vitamin - beta-carotene formula supporting healthy eye tissues.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT™ - Herbal formula providing nutritional synergies to the central nervous system, including the brain.

JATOBA TEA™ - An herbal tea for those needing more energy. Excellent for those experiencing discomfort of the respiratory or urinary systems. Jatoba is known for its ability to fight fungus and yeast-like candida albicans.

JUNGLE ADE™ -JUNGLE ADE™ is a blend of exotic tropical fruits that grow in the pristine Amazon Rainforest -- rich in vitamins and minerals. JUNGLE ADE™ contains tropical fruits never before available in North America or Europe.

LUNG FORMULA™ - Vitamin, herbal, beta-carotene formula for supporting healthy lung tissues.

LYPRINOL™ - This brand new product has been tested and shown to be the most effective product known in treating inflammatory processes associated with arthritis, psoriasis and asthma. Possibly the biggest breakthrough in arthritis treatment in the last 15 years.

OXY-GEN CAPS™ - Excellent product for body builders, athletes, physical fitness enthusistics and those just wanting to increase their energy levels.

PROANTHENOLS BIO-COMPLEX™ - Antioxidant free radical scavenger. Proanthenol polymer - the most potent antioxidant known to man, up to fifty times more potent than vitamin E - twenty times more potent than vitamin C.

PRO-MAX™ - Delicious protein and complex carbohydrate supplement powder used as a high energy drink.

PROSTATE FORMULA™ - Saw Palmetto herb - beta-carotene formula supporting healthy prostate tissue.

PROTX II™ - Anti-oxidant contains Beta-Carotene, vitamins C and E, Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper and synergistic herbs.

SALIVAREX™ - Each capsule contains a minimum of 2.75 billion micro-organisms which provide a natural defense against harmful bacteria and viruses.

SHAPE PLUS™ - A herbal based product containing 23 herbs selected especially for their high content of natural appetite suppressing and detoxifying polyphenols (Also see Endogen for help with weight loss.).

SOMNISET™ - Helps the pineal gland produce melatonin to support natural quality sleep.

SUPPORT TABS™ - Supports organs fatigued by stress. A good supplement to help break habits such as overeating, smoking, use of drugs, etc.

SUSTENASE™ - A two-phase buffered enzyme based formula that supplements the biological digestive juices of the stomach and intestine.

VITA-C-1000 TR™ - Time released vitamin C plus a wide range of natural bioflavonoids.

VITA-E-PLUS 400™ - Natural water soluble vitamin E. Vitamin E increases energy and stamina.


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