The Club


The Aeroport Kalocsa Aeronautical Club (in Hungarian: Aeroport Kalocsa Repülõ Egyesület) was founded in October, 1995 by 10 persons having intention to start more serious activity on the airfield than it was previously.

We are flying mainly on weekends. Take offs are made from April to October. Parachute jumpings are performed during the year, even at New Year's Eve.  All around the year, we organize events like talk shows, exhibitions, parties, different sports-events on the airfield like cycling races, etc.

There is no landing tax on the airfield for sports planes - up to now (as the future of the airfield isn't known, we don't promise this for the future)!

The Club is a member of the Hungarian Aeronautical Association.


It is an open club. Anybody can apply for membership, but there is a probationer interval.

Membership fees: 60 DEM (6000HUF) per year for regular members, reduced fees for students, + 20 DEM (2000HUF) membership fee of the Hungarian Aeronautical Association.

Training courses

We start courses in winter with theoretical lessons. The beginners cours has its theoretical exam just befor the season starts.  


Anybody can come and try the feeling of flying in a sailplain or in a small plane.

If you have time, visit us! For request, we organize camps and courses with competitive prices. Try it!