January 1, 1997: the Division was formed by 10 experienced parachutists having 14 beginners to join.

The  immediately started training course was led by 1 trainer and 4 assistant trainers.

In April 1997, there was two times jumping from small planes for experienced persons.
The practical training course started with a camp (30. 04. 97. - 2. 05. 97) with an AN-2 plane. Each student jumped at least 8 times here.
Unfortunately one of them had a broken leg.

The members of the division participated on the airshows e.g. with jumping into the football stadium on May 1. Also two of them was invited to Szeged for the National Day (August 20) to jump into the river Tisza and to Kecskemét to jump into the Leisuretime Park. In September, there was a jump by three members at the shore of lake Szelid.
In December, three members were invited to Szeged for night jumping, organized for the ceremony of the presentation of the brand new landing lights.

The members performed 864 jumps in 1997. The Division has 1 member certified for first class, 5 members certified for D degree and 3 members certified for C degree.
One of the assistant trainer gets his certification as a trainer in 1997.

One member reached the 2nd position at the MATAV Cup, the 5th position at the Junior National Championship and the 3rd position at the HÜSE Memorial Contest in Hajdúszoboszló, finally the junior 1st position at the Alföld Cup in Debrecen.

The leader of the division:

László KOLLÁR, trainer
T: +36-62/462-539