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The aim of this web page-set is to show you the Aeroport Kalocsa Aeronautical Club and its activity.

We are young: the Club itself, and the members, too (we mean that the average of the members' ages). As young people do, the Club started with great dreams. Still we are dreaming. Dreaming about reality. Our greatest dream, to have an airfield to use, seems to be flying away. But young people have optimistic dreams. We do, too. Let come with us for a flight through reality, the base of our dreams! Maybe you will understand us!

First have a look at the list of the targets appeare in the left frame!
You can find  here a brief description of the Club, some details on the divisions of the Club,
activities and plans, our results,
addresses to contact.
You will find plans of events (usually more plans than can be realized),
relation to other clubs and organizations.
The (hi)story of the airfield the picture at the top shows can be read ,too.
We provide links to other sites of flying.
In a small virtual gallery, we show you pictures of flying.


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