Kalocsa is located in Europe, Hungary, south to Budapest near the blue(?) Danube. It is a small town (appr. 18000 inhabitants), with historical aspects. The town and its region is a 2 or 3 days touristic target in the summer. Are you interested in it? Come and visit us!

The airfield is just half an hour of walk from the town centre. it is between the Danube and the town. More precisely: it is 4 km NW from the town, its coordinates: 4633N, 1857E  (N46dgr 33min, E18dgr 57min).

How to reach us?

By car:

From Budapest take the M0 outer ring, then follow "Baja" signs to reach the  road No.51.

From Austria via Graz, take the road No.8 until reach Veszprem (Veszprém) then follow "Szekesfehervar" (Székesfehérvár) signs. From Szekesfehervar go to direction of Duaujvaros (Dunaújváros) to reach road No.6, then take the direction of Dunafoldvar (Dunaföldvár). Here you can cross the Danube on a bridge (road No.52), then at Solt take the road No.51 to the direction of Baja (the direction of the Yugoslavian border).

By air:

From abroad, first you should enter the country at an airport having customs. (E.g. Ferihegy, Kiliti). With a flight plan you can fly to Kalocsa. Only VFR!

It is strongly recommendent to call us (see Contacts) before you want to fly to Kalocsa. At weekends usually you can find staff at the airfield, but on week-days the airfield is empty and the gate is closed, so somebody should go there to help you.


Accessibility: Kalocsa can be approached on road 51 from the direction of Budapest and Baja. It is directly connected with Kiskõrös and Kecel by high roads. The Kalocsa- Kecel-Kiskõrös railway line is a wing of the Budapest-Kiskunhalas line. There is a landing place on the Meszes bank of the Danube, which is a stop for ships running on schedule, so Kalocsa can be approached by water, too. The airport can be approached from Kalocsa by a high road through the city, but it can also be reached directly from Road 51 by work roads. There are industrial rails connecting the railway station and the airport. There is ferry service from Kalocsa, Fajsz and Géderlak and two bridges on the Danube at Baja and Solt connect the region with Dunántúl (western part of Hungary). The Danube-bridge of the South Highway is planned to be built near Kalocsa.

Airport Kalocsa is situated at the vertex of Kalocsa-Kiskõrös-Baja-triangle. Into the narrower triangle belong Kecel, Császártöltés, Hajós, Nemesnádudvar and into the wider triangle belong Solt, Paks, Fadd-Dombori, Kiskunhalas, Vaskút.

The position of Airport Kalocsa compared to the airports in the area: there is no other airport with solid surface runway that would be usable for the region. Because of its position, Kalocsa would be the organic part of the Hungarian civil airport network.