Gliding division


The Gliding division is the base of the club. Most of our members belong to it.


We use up to now winch launching, also there is a chance to get a tow plane for the summer-camps. On demand. we organize tow plane for any term.

Winch: one built by an other club, based on a Chevrolet engine with automatic transmission, one factory built "Toldi"type based on "Zil" lorry engine. This latter is courtesy of the Délvidéki Aero Club, Szeged.

Gliders: one club plane type "Góbé" a Hungarian glider for training, one "Góbé" courtesy of the Délvidéki Aero Club, Szeged. In 1997 one hired IS28b two pilot plane, crashed during a contest by mislanding.

We have also two old cars for start equipment carrying and cable pulling.


Cable run: 1000 and 1600 meters. Typical height of winch launching: 300 to 600 m.

Charge/launch: 2DEM (250HUF) for members, 5 DM (650HUF) for non-members. There are time charges for different types of sailplaines available for use, one should ask before planning to come for flights.

It is also possible, that someone comes with own plane,. If there is a need, we organize camps with staff to help. Just ask us!